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Welcome to the Three Forty Platoon!
This is a site dedicated to Battlefield 3 PS3 Version. Our Goal is to keep players informed on all BF3 news, keep our members playing together and using teamwork, and for competitive battles with other clans. Welcome to our site. To get started , you must first sign up with the exact username that you use on PSN and sign up at our Battlelog Platoon in the link here!/bf3/platoon/2832655241173351736/. Remember to check your email account to finish applying and accept our clan invitation to you! It's Completely Free.
Who are the Three Forty Operatives?
The Three Forty Operatives are an elite group of players who work together and play strategecally. Embrace Three Forty and become a complete soldier. Apply on Battlelog and our website located beneath our name labled "Official website".


1. Add a Three Forty Operative member to your friends list.

2. Play with the member to earn a nomination.

3. Have a current Three Forty Operative endorse your nomination.

4. Play with the Platoon leaders ( Suspect and/or Massacre) for evaluation.
- Be evaluated by the Platoon leaders (Suspect and/or Massacre).

5. Once the evaluation is complete, nominnee's will be sent a "Welcome to 340" message via Playstation Network with instructions to our official website and Battlelog page.


1. After being accepted, new recruits can immediately change their platoon tag to "340R"- 340 Recruit.

2. Recruits will be observed for a period of 2-3 weeks to determine their commitment to the platoon.

3. During the 2-3 weeks, the leaders will begin to train new recruits with our play style.
-Recruits should join the squad that PrimeSuspect or VI_Massacre are leading to learn the 340 play style.

4. If it is determined that you are commited to being a part of 340, you will be given the go-ahead to change your tag to "340".


All Three Forty Operatives are expected to follow the directives of their superiors- Platoon leaders and squad leaders. We recruit based on a nominee's potential to embrace the Three Forty play style. You don't have to be the best marksman. If you support the team well or can "Think strategically, [and] engage tactically" you are welcomed to join us. Addtionally, members are asked to visit both the official website and Battlelog page; participation in polls and practices are also expected.
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PrimeSuspect340R / Jun 04, 2012
Hurry up and watch the video before EA pulls off the interwebs. The new Battlefield Premium trailer, meant to be “officially” unveiled at E3 tomorrow, shows some of the upcoming Battlefield 3 DLC, including Close Quarters and the very first look at Armored Kill. Battlefield Premium will go on sale in just a few days, alongside Close Quarters.
PrimeSuspect340R / Apr 28, 2012

The brand new Battlefield 3 Close Quarters trailer showcases the newest map: Donya Fortress. While we can’t say we were big fans of the previous Close Quarters map, this one definitely looks better. The trailer also showcases the new mode Conquest Domination, but it’s hard to see with all the stuff blowing up everywhere.
Let us know what you think of the new trailer in the comments section!